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The Indigenous Political Renaissance


In this episode of LeftCast we speak to Indigenous activist, Sam Watson. >>

Mulrunji death in police custody

Two years ago Mulrunji Doomagee, an aboriginal man, died in police custody on Palm Island -- an indigenous community on the Central Queensland Coast. His death has galvanized a new and strong sense of anger and protest amongst Indigenous Australians, particularly Qld Murris . On this episode of LeftCast we talk to Sam Watson -- a leading indigenous activist from Brisbane. Sam Watson discusses the new political renaissance that has arisen within the aboriginal community and talks about its present perspectives and momentum.

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You can review the the background to this interview by exploring the LeftCast archives. And you can keep up with ongoing events and news on this important struggle in the pages of Green Left Weekly at
New LeftCast format

Instead of offering an eclectic mix of audio collected from across the web as well as occasionally offering pieces produced by the RatBag Radio Network, LefTCast inn future will be generating original content. And instead of being only occasionally published and podcasted, LeftCast will be trying to adhere to a regular weekly schedule. I repeat, we will try !, Indeed, we hope to occasionally produce content more frequently if the circumstances warrant it..

J-harp music on the RRN

If you have been a regular listener to audio produced at the Ratbag Radio Network you will know that we’ve made a habit of packaging them between samples of jew’s harp music. This eccentric indulgence will continue. However,you will be pleased to know,that in future we will be showcasing the excellent mouthing skills of people other than ourselves.

The Ratbag Radio Network hopes to serve as a showcase for this archaic instrument. For the time being we feature the modern and occasionally hip hoppish rhythm of Dutch jew’s harp player Danibal.-- who is also a member of GroenLinks -- the Dutch Green Left Party.