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Palestine: The Tel Rumeida Project

Chelli Stanley and John Harmer of The Tel Rumeida Project spoke on April 15 at an ANSWER San.Francisco. Forum. They lived in Tel Rumeida for several months, documenting with video the daily, violent attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinians, often while Israeli military stood by and did nothing.

mp3 (40:07, 13.7 mb)

Source:Bob Morriss, Politics in the zeroesand the Party for Socialism and Liberation.


Sean | 2:37 PM


These people say that this is 'an illegal colony'. 'Who is the real terrorist here?'
I hate americans who make these claims. I believe that all these people should take the deeds to their houses or apartments, all of their possessions, the income theyve made living in America and drive down to the closest Indian reservation to give it all to one of the native americans.
These people claim to be all for freedom, justice, and peace, yet they are living on land that they have absolutely NO claim to. How audacious is it theyre telling people a world away to do something that they wouldnt do, and then denounce them for it. The hyposcrisy is staggering.
Also, the fact that they didnt even learn the native languages before going shows that they were only there for shocking images to put on video. How can they make a true, unbiased, true-to context 'documentary' if the cameraman has absolutely no idea whats going on and what people are saying? It shows extreme arrogance to assume that there are people who speak english there. (TO THE OWNER OF THIS BLOG ONLY: I just now saw that 'comment moderation' has been enabled. I spent a good deal of time writing this, PLEASE don't exclude it IF you happen to disagree with any of the points I've made. One must admit, they are very relevant points. Instead of deleting it, why not comment on why I'm wrong instead. I apologize if the notion of you censoring anything you dont agree with is offensive, I would be too, its just that alot of people would do something like that. END ) thank you.

Dave Riley | 4:10 PM

I don't have to worry about censoring you Sean as you make your points very well indeed. I'm sure any readers can make up their own mind about how salient and relevant your comments are. So long as you advocate that Palestinians should be dispossesed as a matter of course (as Indigenous Americans were)then I think your argument is quite clear and will be noted accordingly.