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L.A. Immigrant Rights march press conference

The massive march of one million people in Los Angelos on Saturday is a huge outpouring of protest in support of immigrants rights.

The important press conference was held Friday 3/24/06, the day before the massive L.A. march.

The bombshell.

At the press conference Friday afternoon organizers announced that if their demands to Stop The Sensenbrenner bill are not heeded there will be targeted boycotts, general strikes, and work stoppages in April. Latino leaders from across the country will meet in two weeks to plan their precise actions. This will be a nationwide coordinated effort.

Among the speakers at the press conference was Preston Wood from ANSWER LA. March organizers specifically thanked ANSWER for spreading their message in the antiwar community, and said the two causes were linked, something ANSWER absolutely agrees with. ANSWER was the only non-Latino Rights organization to speak at the press conference.

Photo: Bob Morriss

Speakers include Piolin (DJ), Javier Rodriguez, Jessie Diaz, Juan Jose Gutierrez (Latino Movement USA), Angela Sambrano (CARECEN), Mike Garcia (SEIU), Preston Wood (ANSWER), Gloria LaRiva (Committee to Free the Five), and others equally important whose names I can’t make out in the podcast, my apologies.

If what happened Saturday turns into a civil rights movement, this mp3 will become a historical document.

(It was recorded on the internal mic on an MP3 player, so the sound is variable.)

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Source: Bob Morris, Politics in the Zeroes

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