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Brisbane Mulrinji Rally October 10th, 2006

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Brisbane:On October 10th members of Queensland's indigenous community and their supporters marched on the Queensland state parliament.The protest had been called to demand justice for Palm Islander Mulrinji, killed in police custody in November 2004.

The intention was to present petitions collected throughout the state which demanded that the police officer found responsible in the recent coroners report for Mulrinji’s death be sacked. The police officer named, Chris Hurley, had in the time since the aboriginal’s death, been promoted and transferred from Palm Island to the Gold Coast and no administrative action had been taken against him.

This was a militant march -- and the determination and anger of those participating is clear from this recording which begins at the gates of parliament.Speakers were Sam Watson, a leader of the Brisbane Murri community. members of Mulrinji’s family from Palm Island, and state premier, Peter Beattie.