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A World in Revolt -- Hands off Venezuela

Jorge Martin speaks at St Louis University. The event was put on by the St. Louis Venezuela Solidarity Committee and events like this are essential in order to bring the experience of the Latin American Revolution to the United States amidst the fog of lies about what is actually going on in the region. In recent months, the corporate media has stepped up its attacks on Latin America, particularly Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba.

Jorge describes many of the gains of the Venezuelan Revolution, even during its relatively short existence. He talks about the war on illiteracy, the creation of the free and progressive Bolivarian University, the Into the Neighborhood healthcare campaign, and the redistribution of idle land. These all involve direct participation of the masses in the running of their daily lives, and this is democracy. "And this is dangerous," to the ruling class of Venezuela and ultimately to international bourgeoisie.

Source: Hands Off Venezuela May 13, 2006 St. Louis, MO, USA

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