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New podcast: Venezuela Solidarity

We've been working on this new Venezuelan focused podcast. Finally we have it together in a format that can function as a template hereon in. So go visit the new Venezuela Solidarity channel/website at:

While we began this project some time back it has taken to today to tweak the attributes -- especially at the recording end in Venezuela with the Green Left Weekly team.

Despite the technical problems we have had in establishing this business -- when it came to the actual production this Venezuela Viewpoint (the GLW correspondant's section) podcast was easy to put together.

But we on both sides of the Pacific are looking for feedback. So if you want to give us some -- please do.

In future some of the Venezuelan material that has been channeled through LeftCast will henceforth be aggregated on VenSol --such as the weekly news update from
Venezuela Analysis.

So the podcasts we are currently producing are:
That's our podcasting network: horses for courses.

Anyway here is the latest from VenSol:

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