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How to submit audio to LeftCast

If you are able to record an important political event in your community or as part of a campaign you are involved in, please consider submitting your audio to LeftCast for inclusion in our podcast feed and archive.

We can help you squish it down to Mp3 format for emailing, or you can send the audio to us in the form of a cassette or CD.

Similarly if you have come across relevant audio in Mp3 format on the web and think we should podcast it, please send us the url location (as well as the address of any accompanying audio notes) for consideration.

LeftCast will consider all submissions that we receive but is not obliged to utilize any audio you may submit to us. We also cannot promise to return original copies of audio sent to us through the post. So please keep your originals.

When submitting or suggesting audio please ensure the following
  • it is covered by a standard non commercial use Creative Commons licence.
  • it is accompanied with audio notes or id tags. We need this information to reference and source the audio in our show notes.
To contact LeftCast please send an email to

To find out how to make a Mp3 recording please check out these notes. More DIY information to come soon.