Past Episodes

# 4 : The Power and The Passion Uranium Mining in Australia part 4

In this last part Peter demonstrates the massive radiation dangers from MINING, Yes !!! Just the process of mining the ore. Furthermore the inadequacy of government bodies, scientific mumbo jumbo, distorting, and negating facts, and twisting makes it almost impossible for the public to scutinize. He cites the shirking of responsibilties and accountability. Secrecy of research and regulations to prevent public scrutiny, causes distrust, and a huge credibility deficit . The maze of institutions, gov. departments and industry organisations is so convoluted, almost incomprehensible in its web of obfuscation, lies and nuclear industry propaganda. Peter makes the case that Australia has become a third world country in the standards of toxic waste dumping. Anti nuclear campaigners are given a NEW VOCABULARY to fight the NU KILLER POWER. speaker Peter Pedals e-mail audio clips from media and anti nuclear protests post production by scan dot org

length 30 mins. 64 kb/s 13.7 MB mono

Source: Nim FM